Capstone: Leadership Online Simulation - Everest

Participants explore group dynamics and leadership while attempting to summit Mount Everest in this collaborative, multiplayer simulation. During each round of play, students decide how to effectively distribute supplies and information needed for the ascent failure to accurately communicate and analyse information has consequences on team performance.


• Improve team decision making practices
• Analyze different leadership approaches and team responses
• Explore influences on collective decision-making including team dynamics, opposing interests, and cognitive biases

In this simulation, participants will: 
• Understand effective strategies for building, participating in, and leading teams more effectively 
• Learn how teams can solve problems and make decisions more effectively in difficult situations when members have different         information and opposing interests. 
• Explore how the group decision making process could affect team performance under time pressure and competition. 

• Examine how teams deal with potential tradeoffs between short-term task completion and longer-term team effectiveness. 

• Explore tactics to enhance psychological safety within your team, enabling members to share information transparently and           participate positively. 
• Examine how cognitive biases impair decision making

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