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Corporate Solutions

Companies need to nurture and develop competent and motivated people who can contribute to their organization’s growth. If you are doing business in the Middle East and are looking for distinguished and practical experiential learning solutions for your corporate managers and employees, then you have landed in the right destination. Knowledge Consulting and Talent Development offers world-class Experiential Learning solutions, that will transform your Organizational Human Capital to an everlasting competitive advantage, thus leading to enhanced organizational performance.   Our learning philosophy capitalizes on creating a challenging experiential learning environment and practice-based delivery approach. We are strong believers that creating an entertaining and interactive learning environment is an essential component to achieving learning objectives. We offer you a Unique Value Proposition that maximizes your training ROI, utilizing our practical and down-to-earth Competency-based Experiential Learning Philosophy:  Learning Solutions Customized to your specific needs and schedules; no time wasted in learning irrelevant things Focus on developing those competencies that are essential for achieving your corporate objectives. World-class Business Simulations and Experiential Learning tools allow participants to practice their leadership and business skills in a safe learning environment, increasing participants’ engagement and retention, leading to stimulating strategic alignment and execution capabilities Highly qualified Trainers with well-recognized academic and professional credentials, whose hands-on experiences guarantee training effectiveness Practical applications ensure that participants could apply the skills they have learned the next day in office and will surely retain them for long time Individual Performance improvement directly translated to significant business impact and tangible achievements. Participants have been inspired by our unique learning experiences. They come out better equipped to face their organization’s challenges on all levels. This has engendered a strong loyalty amongst our corporate clients and helped us develop a strong clientele list with lots of success stories. Call us NOW and schedule a meeting with our Business Development team.   

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