There is an undisputed consensus about the need to develop employees’ knowledge and skills in the areas pertaining to their scope of work.  

Meanwhile, evidence shows that it’s the employees’ performance and organizational behavior, rather than their knowledge alone, that make or break an organization’s drive towards fulfilling its mission and realizing its vision.

Furthermore, experience unveils that there is still a missing link between employees’ acquired knowledge from training  and the resulting change in behavior. Employees learn, understand and KNOW but then they forget, fail to apply, and don’t DO what they have learned. This KNOW-DO gap causes a considerable portion of the investments made in training and development to go down the drain; up to 90% according to some theories!

Training reinforcement solutions come to the rescue, aiming at closing this tragic gap between knowing and doing. Based on established theories and studies, and supported by state-of-the-art technologies, Training Reinforcement turns the investments made in employees’ training into tangible, favorable behaviors that directly impacts the employees’ performance and consequently that of the whole organization.

In line with our vision of enabling corporate growth and sustainable success to our clients, Knowledge® has partnered with Mindmarker®, the leading global provider of reinforcement solutions. Through this cooperation, we provide our clients with an end-to-end learning experi­ence that takes the develop­ment activity to greater extents, by closing the Know-Do gap and ultimately improving the ROI on the training investment.

By coupling training with reinforcement, we keep the learner involved for many weeks after the training through micro-learning activities, answering short questions, thought-provoking arguments, hands-on assignments, and opinion surveys.

Ultimately, training reinforcement solutions ensure an increased level of retention of the learnt concepts. They also enable learners to gradually apply these concepts in their day-to-day working contexts. The result is an overall increased impact of the training on the business results of the organization.

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Program Facts

220,000+ training hours since 2002,3000+ participants in 7 cities all over Egypt,120+ companies sponsored their top talents from 10+ industries Our trainers are practitioners who bring their expertise to the learning environment; this guarantees that all courses are practical and to-the-point. You will gain skills that you can apply the next day in the office thus increasing your performance and boosting your competitiveness.