We offer a comprehensive range of Online Business Simulations that are owned by Harvard Business Publishing Education, providing a state-of-the-art team environment, where corporate executive, managers and talents practice their business and decision-making skills, enjoying the same simulations that are used in the executive and graduate programs in the world’s top business schools.

Business Simulation have become a vital part of learning programs in different business and management fields. Probably now more than ever, companies require their managers to have experience in business decision making. Business simulations provide managers with those experience in the complexities, uncertainties, and ambiguities of decision making in an intricate business world even before trying these techniques in their work environment.

These online Business Simulations offer powerful and stimulating learning experiences by using real-world contexts to reinforce learning. Participants are placed right in the mix of realistic business scenarios where they must apply key leadership concepts and frameworks to make critical decisions. This practical approach increases participant engagement and understanding, leading to increased retention and achievement of the desired changes in work behaviors and practices.

Harvard Business Publishing Education Simulations cover a wide range of competencies and business disciplines including Leadership, Decision Making, Strategic Management, Marketing, Finance, Change Management, Operations, Design Thinking and Innovation.

All simulations run in either a classroom-based setup or a fully online setup, coping with the Work-from-Home mandate. They also could be delivered as stand-alone workshops or within a comprehensive Leadership Development Program.

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Program Facts

220,000+ training hours since 2002,3000+ participants in 7 cities all over Egypt,120+ companies sponsored their top talents from 10+ industries Our trainers are practitioners who bring their expertise to the learning environment; this guarantees that all courses are practical and to-the-point. You will gain skills that you can apply the next day in the office thus increasing your performance and boosting your competitiveness.