“Business Strategy” board simulation develops a manager’s strategic and business acumen.

In this simulation, participants face a real competitive marketplace where they should define their business strategy and align it with their operations strategy, infrastructure investment, marketing strategy and HR strategy. They instantly see the result of their business decisions on their company’s income statement.
This simulation provides middle managers with a comprehensive view of the strategies for promoting services and retaining clients. They could try out various market strategies and see the consequences without actually losing money. In this emotionally charged atmosphere and high level of player engagement, participants will remember the lessons learned and conclusions drawn for a long time.
The game simulates a competitive market: 6 companies operating within the same pool of clients. Each company team consists of 3-5 participants, representing the company’s management team. Teams take several business decisions throughout 4 business cycles, where the winner is the company that gains the highest monetary profits at the end of the game.

Learning Objectives

In this simulation, participants will learn how to:
• Align an organization’s marketing strategy with its operations strategy
• Conduct Effective Environmental scanning and SWOT analysis
• Use Porter’s model to set organizational strategy
• Set SMART goals and develop convenient measures
• Apply laws of price sensitivity and consumer psychology
• Read and analyze financial statements to assess the organizational financial position
• Select the best fit marketing strategy to your organization

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Program Facts

220,000+ training hours since 2002,3000+ participants in 7 cities all over Egypt,120+ companies sponsored their top talents from 10+ industries Our trainers are practitioners who bring their expertise to the learning environment; this guarantees that all courses are practical and to-the-point. You will gain skills that you can apply the next day in the office thus increasing your performance and boosting your competitiveness.