In today’s dynamic global economy, companies need effective leaders of change, who are prepared to lead change with or without formal authority.
This simulation helps participants develop the ability to lead large-scale strategic organizational change in both proactive and reactive situations. Participants will learn how to use John Kotter’s 8-steps model for leading successful Organizational Change.
Participants face the challenges associated with implementing an organization-wide environmental sustainability change initiative in Spectrum Sunglass Company, an enterprise that designs, manufactures, and sells sunglasses.
In the simulation, participants attempt to persuade 19 key members of their organization’s management team to adopt this change initiative. Using 18 available change levers, they explore different combinations of the relative power of the change agent, and the relative urgency of the change initiative.

Learning Objectives

In this simulation, participants will:
• Learn how to lead an organization through the three organizational-level change phases: mobilization, movement, and          sustaining.
• Understand the four stages of individual-level change stages: change awareness, interest, trial, and adoption.
• Explore power, influence, and resistance to change within an organizational setting.
• Practice diagnostic and action-planning skills with regard to leading strategic change.
• Gain insights into why individuals and groups might resist change and how to overcome that resistance.
• Identify common missteps of change agents and how to avoid them.
• Understand how to choose and sequence appropriate change strategies and tactics.

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Program Facts

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