Hisham Rafik

Chairman and CEO

At KNOWLEDGE, we are strong believers in people, the backbone of our society and their unlimited capacity to drive change towards a better future.
Since our foundation in 2002, we have always been committed to drive change that delivers sustainable success to individuals, organizations and the community at large.
People development has always been a cornerstone in our success story. We have collaboratively worked with our corporate customers to develop the most important asset an organization has, its people.
We have built an integrated portfolio of "innovative learning and development solutions” that develop the business knowledge, skills and attitudes of working professionals, to enable them to respond effectively to the ever-changing demands of today’s dynamic world.
Our aim is to create the special spirit dedicated to generate, manage and transfer knowledge in order to provide individual and corporate growth for all parties involved.
Our development solutions combine theories and best practices with the handson experiences of our consultants, trainers and coaches creating a truly dynamic experiential learning environment. The quality level of those solutions is the result of a process that is always nourished and carefully monitored.
We all look forward to be your change catalyst and development partner.