Program Overview

The transition from being a great individual contributor to being a leader of other individual contributors is one of the most important and challenging stages in your career. Yet, more than 50 percent of first-time managers get lower performance evaluations as leaders than they did as individual contributors.

The good news is, when the first transition goes well, it can produce positive career results that are amplified far into the future.

The LBD Mini MBA in Management program is designed to provide you with the necessary business knowledge and to sharpen your leadership skills to make a smooth transition and excel in your new role.

The program consists of two tracks:

1. Business Professional Track is designed to provide you with all the business knowledge and skills required in your new role such as developing strategic plans, understanding and analysing financial statements and implementing effective marketing and operations strategies to exceed the expected business outcomes.

2. High-Impact Leadership Track is designed to develop critical people skills that often make the difference between longer-term career success and failure. Through this track you will learn how to lead people, teams, projects and organizations to achieve high impact results.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded a certificate of achievement and transcript with 144 hours.






Program Facts

250,000+ training hours since 2002, 3500+ participants in 7 cities all over Egypt,120+ companies sponsored their top talents from 10+ industries Our trainers are practitioners who bring their expertise to the learning environment; this guarantees that all courses are practical and to-the-point. You will gain skills that you can apply the next day in the office thus increasing your performance and boosting your competitiveness.